Titles in teal font are linked to power point handouts and supplemental materials are linked below each session.


WS1: "Flipping the Student Support Script”: Building a Social and Emotional Learning Program from “Roots to Leaves,” R. Keeth Matheny

  • (Hard copy handouts will be provided  by speaker)

WS2:  Assessment of English Language Learners: Evidence-based Evaluation and Best Practice, Dr. Samuel Ortiz

FS18: Graduate Student Series, Kassi Lopez and Leslie Paige

FS01: TASP Legislative and Regulatory Update, Marty DeLeon & Cassandra Hulsey

KEYNOTE: 2020 Vision: Leadership in Focus, Leslie Paige, NASP President

FS02: School Shooting in a Small Town, Misty Lay, NASP Treasurer

FS03: Legal Update for School Psychologists - A Look at the Year in Review, Paula Maddox Roalson

FS04: The Neuropsychology of Traumatic Brain Injury: Overview and Assessment ConsiderationsDr. Jennifer Morrison

FS05:  Transforming Your School Through Social and Emotional Learning, R. Keeth Matheny

  • (Hard copy handouts will be provided by speaker)

FS06: Comprehensive Children’s Mental Health Services: A Public Health Approach, Dr. Rick Short

FS07: Un-Muddled Measurement: Straight Talk About Psychological Measurement and Score Interpretation, Dr. Alex Beaujean

FS08: Practical Play Therapy: Short Term Interventions for the LSSP, Kelly Martin

  • Speaker will provide hand outs

FS09: School-Based Mental Health Services Delivery Models, Dr. Nancy Razo, Mr. Adrian Garza, Dr. Traci Schluter, Connie Rodriguez, & Dr. Rick Short

FS10: It Takes A Village: Building Student-Centered Collaboration Teams, Cyndi O'Toole

FS11: The Engagement Factor: Capturing the Disengaged Student,  Felisha Branford

FS12: Dying to be Thin: What School Psychologists Need to Know, Dr. Wendy Price, NASP President-Elect

FS13: School Psychologists as Social Justice Change Agents: Moving From Theory to Practice, Dr. David Shriberg

FS14: TEA Updates and Information from the Division of Special Populations, Deanna Clemens & Julie Wayman

FS15: A Problem-Solving Approach to Navigating Ethical Dilemmas in Multidisciplinary Threat Assessment, Shawna Rader Kelly & Dr. Laurie Klose

FS16: Changing Understandings of ADHD and Motivation, Dr. Thomas Brown

FS17: Training and Retaining: Ethical and Best Practice Considerations for Addressing School Psychology Shortages in Texas, Dr. Sarah Mire