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TASP Texas Capitol BuildingHave you been wondering how you can be involved in this year's legislative session? Are there areas in public education that you feel are important and need to be addressed by our elected officials? Take a look at this new page developed by TASP's GPR (Government and Professional Relations) Committee to help you engage in statewide advocacy this year! Contact Amanda Afifi, TASP's GPR Committee Chairperson, at [email protected] for more information or if you can volunteer time to serve on the committee.

The 2021 TASP Legislative Platform

The 87th Legislative Session has begun! The official TASP Legislative Platform for 2021 has been approved and adopted by the executive board. Based on current state and national issues, input from membership, and following our vision and mission statement, TASP will be working with our legislative committee and allied organizations to advocate for:

  • Increased access to school mental health services
  • Improved access to school psychological services
  • Promotion of best practices for safe and supportive schools
  • Advancing social justice for all students

Read more of the¬†full legislative platform now so that you all can not only see what your state organization is up to, but so that you can use it as a tool as you engage in your own advocacy efforts! We are also tracking this updated list of proposed bills. Stay tuned in as there may be opportunities for you to contact your elected legislators to advocate for school psychologists and the children and youth we serve through calls to action this year! If you would like any additional resources or assistance in your advocacy efforts, or if you are interested in helping with TASP's advocacy efforts, contact GPR chair, Amanda Afifi, at [email protected] or TASP President, Cassandra Hulsey, at [email protected]

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The Executive Board of TASP adopted the following position statements in August 2014. Position statements and resolutions represent the official policy of TASP and are approved by the elected members of the TASP Executive Board.
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