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TASP's Official 86th Texas Legislative Session Platform

On August 18, 2018, the TASP Executive Board approved the legislative platform for the 86th Texas Legislative Session, aligned to the association's vision, mission, and core values.

Special Issue Call for Papers

Dear Colleagues,

We are excited to solicit contributions for a special issue of Research and Practice in the Schools, the official journal of the Texas Association of School Psychologists (TASP). Under the guest editorship of Julia Englund Strait, PhD, Kirby Wycoff, PsyD, and Aaron Gubi, PhD, we invite submissions for a special issue focusing on Trauma-Informed School Psychology Practices. 2018-07-17

LSSP Evaluation Tools

TASP has come to recognize that school leaders often desire to have a single evaluation tool for all school professionals that require student outcome data to be linked to the evaluation and personnel decisions. This model presents unique challenges when evaluating LSSPs in the school setting. Evaluation tools are often designed around a narrowly defined role, thereby discouraging LSSPs from providing more comprehensive services to positively help students and families. Using the NASP Practice Model as a guideline, TASP has developed a model evaluation tool to use when evaluating LSSPs in the school setting.

TASP is promoting this tool as it establishes the full range of services that can be reasonably expected of LSSPs. It also promotes consistency of practice and clarity of expectations. It allows for the practical role of the LSSP to be gradually aligned with the NASP Practice Model. TASP is mindful that critical to this is the workload and capacity (e.g., time, resources, and ratios) for an individual to provide those services. On the program level, districts should commit to making available a range of services that can meet student needs. Districts need to consider how these standards are reflected in the professional expectations of LSSPs, including how job descriptions and personnel evaluation articulate these standards.

TASP hopes this model evaluation tool will provide the school administrators who are responsible for evaluating LSSPs a mechanism for determining the true value of LSSPs in the public school setting.

LSSP Evaluation Tool          Sample LSSP Job Description

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