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Membership Categories:

A Regular Member (voting) is one who is:

  • Currently functioning or credentialed as an LSSP; or
  • Trained as an LSSP, and functioning as a consultant or supervisor of psychological services; or
  • Primarily engaged in training of school psychologists at college or university;
  • and residing in the state of Texas.

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A Retired Member (non-voting) is one who was a regular member in good standing and has retired from the field of school psychology.

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An Affiliate Member (non-voting) is one who is trained or employed in a closely related field or profession, but does not meet the requirements for Regular Membership.

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A Trainee Member (voting) is one who has met the training requirements for the Texas school psychology credential and has been designated by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists to be of trainee status. To be eligible under this category, the trainee does not hold the NCSP credential or other license to practice school psychology.

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A Student Member (voting) is one who is actively engaged (minimum six semester hours or its equivalent per semester) in a program of school psychology.

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Membership dues are non-refundable.