How do I post an opening for an LSSP in my school district or university?

Go to the employers page to find instructions.

What is TSBEP?

The Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists (TSBEP) is the state agency authorized by state law to regulate the practice of psychology in the state of Texas. The Board was established by the Texas Legislature in 1969. The authorizing statute is Occupations Code, Title 3, Chapter 501, the Psychologists’ Licensing Act. The Psychologists’ Licensing Act is both a title and a practice act. The Board is also authorized to establish rules to implement and enforce the Act.

How do I become licensed in Texas?

Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (Independent Practice in Public Schools after One Year of Licensure)Requires completion of a training program in school psychology approved/accredited by the American Psychological Association or the National Association of School Psychologists or a master’s degree in psychology with specified course work. Requires passage of the National School Psychology Examination. Requires passage of the Jurisprudence Examination at 90%

Board rule 463.19.

If I have a practice question, should I call TSBEP for clarification?

No, the individuals who would answer your call are not trained psychologists and may give incorrect advice to those licensees calling for information. If you have a question or concern, it is recommended that you contact TASP board members or your Area Representative for advice.

Is there a dedicated position for a LSSP representative on TSBEP?

No. TSBEP is an organization meant to protect the public by ensuring that psychological services are provided to the people of Texas by qualified and competent practitioners who adhere to established professional standards. Currently, there are 3 LSSPs on TSBEP; however, they are on the TSBEP Board due to other licenses they hold (LP or LPA).