WS1: Assessment of English Language Learners: Evidence-based evaluation and best practice, Dr. Samuel Ortiz

WS2:  Reveal Their Story: Using the Strength-Based MIGDAS-2 Approach to Autism EvaluationsDr. Marilyn Monteiro

THURSDAY KEYNOTE: BHEC and TSBEP Updates, Darrel Spinks, Executive Director of the Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council

THURSDAY KEYNOTE: Stronger Together, United We Thrive, Cassandra Hulsey, TASP President

FS01: The Power of One: Meeting the Needs of LGBTQ+ Students, Amy Cannava and Tracy Hobbs 

FS02: Legal and Ethical Best Practices Regarding Manifestation Determinations, Carl Corbin

FS03: Evaluating Deaf and Hard of Hearing Learners in Mainstream SettingsDr. Peter Isquith

FS04:  From Paper to Practice: Sensible Strategies for School-Based Counseling, Stephanie Kneedler and Ragan Aaron

FS05: Graduate Student Series, Jesseca Jackson

  • No handouts at this time

FRIDAY KEYNOTE: It’s Always About the Children: Educators Bringing Their Whole Selves to the Profession, Dr. Charles Barrett

FS06: Best Practices for Social Justice in Schools, Dr. Charles Barrett

FS07: Practical Implementation of the NASP Practice Model: A Roadmap to Achieving Excellence in School Psychological Services Delivery, Brook Roberts, Jesseca, Jackson, Laura Renken, Emily Willeford and Jennifer Rigsbee

FS08: Recruiting and Training Non-Traditional Students in School Psychology to Address Shortages: Research, Practical, and Ethical Considerations, Dr. Sarah Mire

MS01: Using Mindfulness to Improve Well-Being and Reduce Burnout in Schools, Caroline Mousa, Brian Dang and Bradley Smith

MS02: Supervision in School Psychology - What, Who, and How, Ashley Arnold, M.A., LSSP, NCSP, ChiChi Allen, Ph.D., LSSP, NCSP, Katy ISD and Jenna Becker, LSSP, Frisco ISD

SATURDAY KEYNOTE: Engaging Hearts and Minds and NASP Update, Dr. Laurie McGarry Klose, NASP President

FS09: Beyond the Rainbow: School-Based Mental Health Supports for LGBTQ+ Youth, Amy Cannava and Tracy Hobbs

  • Handouts provided by speakers after presentation

FS10: Assessing Racially and Ethnically Minoritized StudentsDr. Charles Barrett

FS11: Introduction to Trauma-Informed Schools, Dr. Christina Conolly

FS12: Ethical and Empirical Perspectives on Cognitive Assessment, Dr. Ryan Farmer

  • Handouts provide via speaker link 

FS13: The Cognitive and Psychosocial Implications of Epilepsy for Students, Families and Teachers, Dr. Robb Matthews