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Aldine ISD

Position Title: LSSP

Employer Name: Aldine ISD

City and State: Houston Texas 77032


Date position is available: 07/25/2022

Position Description: Conduct evaluations for Special education eligibility for ED and Autism. Complete the Emotional Behavior and Summary sections of the FIE. Attend ARDs to review reports and recommendations with the ARDC and parent.

Number of contract days: 200

Salary Range: $70,000-90,000


Employer contact info: Adine ISD website available professional positions. Dr. Marc Evans, [email protected]


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Marc C Evans


15010 Aldine-Westfield

Houston, Texas 77032

[email protected]


Magnolia ISD

Position Title: LSSP

Employer Name: Magnolia ISD

City and State: Magnolia, TX


Date position is available: 07/28/2022

Position Description: Perform professional psychological work in assessment, behavior management, and counseling for students with emotional disabilities, learning disabilities, and behavioral problems. Assess the psychological and psycho-educational needs of students referred to special education services.

Number of contract days: 192

Salary Range: $82,000-$83,000


Employer contact info: [email protected]


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Christina  Coats

Assistant Director of Special Services

110 Magnolia Blvd

Magnolia, Texas 77355

[email protected]


Springtown ISD

Position Title: Licensed Specialist in School Psychology

Employer Name: Springtown ISD

City and State: Springtown, Texas


Date position is available: 08/01/2022

Position Description: Perform professional psychological work in assessment, behavior management, and counseling for students with emotional disabilities, learning disabilities, and behavioral problems. Assess the psychological and psycho-educational needs of students referred to or currently receiving special education services.

Number of contract days: 202

Salary Range: TBD


Employer contact info:


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Stacy  Johnson

Director of Special Education

314 E 5th Terrace

Springtown, Texas 76082

[email protected]


Upshur County SSA

Position Title: LSSP or LSSP Intern

Employer Name: Upshur County SSA

City and State: Gilmer, Texas


Date position is available: 07/29/2022

Position Description: * Assessment* Consult/Behavior Intervention Plan* Counseling

Number of contract days: 197

Salary Range: depends on experience


Employer contact info: Peggy Oden


Linked file: 



Peggy  Oden

Director of Special Education

406 N Bledsoe St

Gilmer, Texas 75644

[email protected]



Duncanville ISD

Position Title: Licensed Specialist in School Psychology

Employer Name: Duncanville ISD

City and State: Duncanville, TX


Date position is available: 07/25/2022

Position Description: Job Title: Special Ed LSSP Wage/Hour Status: Exempt Reports to: Director for Special Ed Pay Grade: AP-3Dept. /School: Special Education Date Revised: 02-20-2017Qualifications:Education: Doctorate in Psychology with LSSP licensure or Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP)Special Knowledge/Skills: Psycho-education and psychological assessment skills Consultation skills Communicate, public relations, and interpersonal skills Experience: Completed one year internship with direction from LSSP supervisor Major Responsibilities and Duties: Conduct extensive psychological examination of referred students Ensure that student progress is evaluated on a regular, systematic basis and that findings are used in making decisions to improve program effectiveness as it relates to specific student needs Address student achievement deficiencies by focusing resources and efforts to promote satisfactory classroom Facilitate home-school cooperation to enhance academic achievement Provide consultative services to school personnel and parents Function as a liaison between the school and family in the student assessment and interpretation of test results Assist in ensuring that the special curriculum is responsive to student needs Counsel individually and in-group format with the special education qualified students Address the needs of at-risk students Direct resources and efforts to address the most pressing student needs Participate as a team/group member in such programs as suicide prevention, crisis management, social learning, mediation, and outdoor education Maintain a working knowledge of district curricula and instructional strategies Assist in monitoring the instructional process to ensure that program activities are aligned with desired outcomes Analyze outcomes and evaluate instructional support programs to recommend appropriate changes in purposes, designs, materials, and implementation Provide ample time, resources, and materials to support Associate School Psychologist and Diagnosticians in accomplishing goals, and signoff on psychological Encourage the development and piloting of innovative programs Participate in case conferences when referred students are involved or as requested. Serve as resource person concerning student impairments for other school personnel Interpret diagnoses to school personnel, other concerned professional, parents, and students Make recommendations on ways to assist a student referred for examination. Plan cooperatively in effort to improve organizational climate Identify and recognize individuals and programs, which achieve excellence Assist in providing for a comfortable and safe environment Recognize varying school climates and adjusts accordingly Deal consistently and equitably with all personnel Develop and maintain positive staff morale Communicate high expectations and regard for the individual in an enabling and nonthreatening manner Anticipate, manage, and resolve conflict effectively Foster and promote collegiality and team building Strive to keep personnel informed on pertinent matters Listen with an open mind to the ideas and concerns of all constituents Use appropriate conflict resolution strategies effectively Provide clear and accurate information related to programs and district responsibilities Participate in external organizations and/or programs related to job assignment Use decision-making processes in normal situations as well as difficult circumstances Demonstrate a genuine concern and regard for coworkers and supervisors Model ethical standards for staff, colleagues, and community Maintain high productivity and effectiveness through consistent attendance on the job Exhibit knowledge of role in performance of administrative duties Stay abreast of educational issues and trends by reading and attending conferences and workshops Implement policies/regulations established by federal and state law, SBOE rules, and local board policy Assume responsibility for timely completing, maintaining, and filing all reports, records, and other documents as required Involve staff in planning of common vision for improvement Make independent objective decisions without procrastination based on adequate information Attempt innovative and creative approaches to problem solving Convey and instill high expectations for each student based on fundamental philosophy that all students can learn Participate in analyzing current state of effectiveness to identify potential areas of improvement Perform other duties as assigned Supervisory Responsibilities: None. Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environment Factors: Maintain emotional control under stress and work with multiple deadlines and frequent interruptions. Frequent and prolonged hours and/or irregular hours. Frequent travel to multiple work locations (including schools and homes) as assigned. Tools/Equipment Used: Standard office equipment including computer and peripherals Posture: Frequent sitting, kneeling/squatting, bending/stooping, pushing/pulling, and twisting Motion: Frequent walking, grasping/squeezing, wrist flexion/extension Lifting: Regular light lifting and carrying (under 15 pounds), occasional heaving lifting (45 pounds or more)and positioning of students with physical disabilities; controlling behavior through physical restraint; assisting non-ambulatory students Environment: Exposure to biological hazards, bacteria, and communicable diseases; may require districtwide travel Mental Demands: Work with frequent interruptions; maintain emotional control under pressure

Number of contract days: 197

Salary Range: Duncanville ISD salary Information


Employer contact info: Human Resources


Linked file: Special Education LSSP.pdf



Laurie  Toben

Director of Special Education Compliance

710 S. Cedar Ridge Dr.

Duncanville, Texas 75137

[email protected]


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