Convention Agenda


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

7:00-9:00PM Registration Open

Thursday, October 25, 2018

7:00AM-5:00PM Exhibit Hall & Registration Open

7:00-8:00AM Continental Breakfast

Pre-Convention Workshops

7:45AM-3:45PM (6 CPD)
WS1: Opening New Avenues of Knowledge and Engagement Through Action Research (AR): An Approach to Evidence Based Decision Making, Alfredo Ortiz
7:45AM-3:45PM (6 CPD)
WS2: Neuropsychology of ED: A Framework for Effective Interventions, Dr. Steven Feifer *sponsored by Psychological Assessment Resources* (SESSION FULL)
7:45AM-3:45PM (6 CPD)
WS3: Program Evaluation: Design, Implementation and Advocacy in Schools, Andrea Guajardo and Leah Neubauer

Regular Convention Begins

4:00-6:00PM (2 CPD)
FS01: Improving Student Outcomes with Evidence Based SEL, Positive Action (SESSION FULL)
6:15-8:00PM (1.5 CPD)
CALC Presentation, Awards Ceremony, & Cocktail Hour
Keynote: TASP Legislative and Regulatory Update, Marty De Leon, Thomas Schanding, Cassandra Hulsey, Brook Roberts, and Stephanie Barbre


Friday, October 26, 2018

7:00AM-5:00PM Exhibit Hall & Registration Open

7:00-8:15AM Continental Breakfast

8:15-11:30AM Featured Sessions (3 CPD)

FS02: Resilience Isn't Just for Students: Harnessing the Power of Resilience in Your Personal and Professional Life, Sam Goldstein *sponsored by Multi-Health Systems, Inc.* (SESSION FULL)
FS03: Top-rated Evidence-based SEL Curriculum Training, Positive Action (trainer certification available for attendance at both AM & PM sessions - PM session requires completion of AM session)
FS04: A Strategic Approach to Creating Purposeful and Efficient Assessment Practices Using Core-Selective Evaluation Process (C-SEP), Dr. Tammy Stephens & Dr. Edward Schultz *sponsored by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt*
FS05: Special Education Leadership for School Psychologists (Implications of Corrective Action), Marisa Ximenez (SESSION FULL)
FS06: Ethics for School Psychologists 2018: Decision Making from Multiple Perspectives, Dr. Laurie Klose (SESSION FULL)

8:15-9:45AM Mini-Skills Sessions (1.5 CPD)

MS01: Using the ARC Model with Students with Histories of Trauma: A Skills Based Discussion, Diana Cook, Alana Egan, Amy N. Gorniak, & Julia Strait
MS02: Tourette and Tics - The LSSP role for 504 and Special Education, Sandra Buffolano

10:00-11:30AM Mini-Skills Sessions (1.5 CPD)

MS03: Introduction to the Ortiz Picture Vocabulary Acquisition Test (Ortiz PVAT), Amy Patenaude *sponsored by Multi-Health Systems, Inc.*
MS04: Social Media Affects, Dr. Lillie Haynes, Connie Rodriguez, & Julie Gomez

11:30AM-1:00PM Poster Sessions

11:30AM-1:00PM Connections Luncheon

1:00-4:15PM Featured Sessions (3 CPD)

FS07: 10 Things Every LSSP in Texas Needs to Know About Dyslexia, Kara Zwolinski
FS08: The Science of Executive Functioning: New Data, New Ideas and the Comprehensive Executive Functioning Inventory, Sam Goldstein *sponsored by Multi-Health Systems, Inc.*
FS09: Top-rated Evidence-based SEL Curriculum Training, Part 2 Train-the-Trainers, Positive Action (trainer certification available for attendance at both AM & PM sessions - PM session requires completion of AM session) (SESSION FULL)
FS10: Data Collection and Pattern-Seeking Techniques Using Multiple Sources of Data: A Vital Component of C-SEP, Dr. Tammy Stephens & Dr. Edward Schultz *sponsored by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt*
FS11: Pride and Privilege: Diversity Training Now More than Ever, Dr. Peter Thomas
FS12: The Evolution of FAPE: From Rowley to Endrew F, David F. Bateman

1:00-1:50PM Paper Session (1 CPD)

PA01: Conners CPT 3, Conners CATA, and Conners K-CPT 2: Introduction and Application, Amy Patenaude *sponsored by Multi-Health Systems, Inc.*

1:00-2:30PM Mini-Skills Sessions (1.5 CPD)

MS05: Pediatric Illness and Integration/Reintegration into Schools, Jocelyn Gomez & Monica Martinez
MS06: How to Defend the FIE and Survive a Due Process Hearing, Linda Gellman & Pamela Moore Ellis

2:45-4:15PM Mini-Skills Sessions (1.5 CPD)

MS07: Using the Eligibility Process to Deepen Relationships with Families, Michelle Zweibach & Susan Houser
MS08: Ethical and Practical Considerations for Independent Practice in the Private Sector: Implications of Recent Rules Changes, Dr. Alfred Amado & Dr. Victor Villarreal (SESSION FULL)

Saturday, October 27, 2018

7:45AM-12:00PM Exhibit Hall & Registration Open

7:45-8:45AM Continental Breakfast

8:45AM-12:00PM Featured Sessions (3 CPD)

FS13: Trainers Session: Addressing the LSSP Shortage - Ethical and Legal Considerations for Recruitment, Retainment... and Respecialization?: Sarah Mire
FS14: Non-Suicidal Self Injury: From Cutting to Collaboration, Dr. Peter Thomas
FS15: The LSSP, the LP, and the Law: Making Legally Defensible Decisions in Every Day Practice, Dr. Stephanie Barbre, Dr. Stuart Spendlove, & Janet Bubert
FS16: Increasing BIP Implementation Fidelity: From Filed to Followed, Curt Johnson
FS17: Bateria - Revisions, Dr. Tammy Stephens *sponsored by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt*
FS18: Assessing and Monitoring Cognitive and Emotional Functioning in Students with Concussion, Dr. Peter Isquith *sponsored by Psychological Assessment Resources*
FS19: Graduate Student Session, Kristin Streich
FS20: Lions, and Tigers and the TEA Strategic Plan, Oh My: What LSSPs Need to Know, Gail Cheramie, Amy Ten Napel, and Kara Zwolinksi
Note: When registering, attendees have the option of selecting between a 3-hour Featured Session or a 1 to 1.5-hour Mini-Skills Session. If a 3-hour Featured Session is selected, the registrant must stay for the entire three hours in order to receive CPD. If a Mini-Skills Session is selected, attendees may select one or two sessions. Attendees may choose to register for a 3-hour Featured Session in the morning and Mini-Skills sessions in the afternoon or vice versa. It is not possible to register for both a 3-hour Featured Session and a Mini-Skills Session concurrently.
Mentoring: Those interested in being a Mentor during the Convention have been in the school psychology field for at least five years and have an interest in conversing with a graduate student or early career school psychologist. Those interested in being a Mentee during the Convention are currently in a school psychology graduate training program or in their first few years of practice as a school psychologist and are interested in communicating a more experienced school psychologist. Once interest is indicated, the Convention Chair will contact with more information prior to the Convention.