TASP Elections – Call for Nominations

The TASP Nominations Committee is currently accepting nominations for the TASP 2022 Executive Board. You may nominate yourself or someone you believe is qualified and interested. This year, nominations will be accepted for the following positions:

  • President-Elect
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer-Elect
  • Area Representatives
    • Area II--Represents ESC Regions 18 and 19
    • Area IV--Represents ESC Regions 6, 12, and 13
    • Area VI--Represents ESC Regions 9, 14, 16, and 17
  • Graduate Student Representative

The following outlines the duties for each position as set forth in the TASP bylaws:


The President-Elect holds a 3-year commitment and shall:
1. Serve as an officer and member of the Board.
2. Serve as chairperson of the Board in the absence of the President.
3. Consult regularly with the President regarding Association activities to insure continuity and smooth transitions between terms of office.
4. Succeed the President according to the Constitution.
5. Assist the President, as assigned, in working with committees and implementing Association activities.
6. Serve on the Convention Planning Committee. The President-Elect is primarily responsible for selecting speakers for the TASP Fall Convention.



The Treasurer-Elect holds a 2-year commitment and shall:
1. Serve as an officer and member of the Board.
2. Assist the Treasurer in maintaining records of financial transactions and financial status of the Association.
3. Assist the Treasurer in preparing and submitting copies of financial reports to the Board at meetings.
4. Assist the Treasurer in providing written financial summary reports and budget information to the Association general membership on at least an annual basis.
5. Assist the Treasurer by taking assigned responsibility for signing all vouchers for payments made by the Association.
6. Assist the Treasurer in maintaining a tax exempt account number for the Association and supervise the use of this.
7. Assist the Treasurer in collecting and accounting for all monies accrued by the Association.
8. Assist the Treasurer in recommending financial policies and procedures, and propose changes in the financial matters of the Association as needed.
9. Serve as a member of the Financial Advisory Committee.



The Secretary holds a 2-year commitment and shall:
1. Serve as an officer and member of the Board.
2. Maintain written record of the minutes of each meeting of the Executive Board and official business meetings of the Association.
3. Prepare and submit copies of such records for the Executive Board members.
4. Maintain records of official activities and information of the Association.
5. Assist the President, as assigned, in handling correspondence and disseminating information.
6. Supervise the maintenance of a current mailing list of the Executive Board and the general membership.
7. Maintain the necessary supplies and materials for the duties of this office with expenses approved by the Executive Board and the Treasurer of the Association.
8. Serve as an ex-officio member of the membership committee.


Area Representatives

Area Representatives hold a 2-year commitment and shall:
1. Serve as members of the Board.
2. Make recommendations to the Board in matters concerning the professional needs and opinions of the members in his or her geographical region of the state.
3. Provide information regarding the activities of the Association to members and other interested professionals within the region.
4. Assist the President as assigned in working with committees and implementing, Association activities.


Graduate Student Representative

The Graduate Student Representative holds a 1-Year Commitment and shall:
1. Be a student member as defined in the constitution.
2. Make recommendations to the Board in matters concerning student needs and opinions of the student members.


Candidates are asked to submit a brief statement to accompany the ballots. The statement should include the following: 1) description of past employment; 2) related experience; 3) training and education; 4) perceived qualifications for the position (e.g., prior organizational leadership, or special abilities); and 5) goals for office.

Statement lengths should be limited with the candidates being advised that their statements may be subject to editing when longer than the word limits specified below:

President-Elect  400 words
Secretary   300 words
Treasurer-Elect 300 words
Area Representatives    250 words

Graduate Student Representative

250 words
Nominations and statements must be submitted to Stephanie Barbre, Past President and chair of the Nominations Committee, at [email protected]. Candidates should consider developing their statements as soon as possible, as the deadline to submit nominations and complete materials is Sunday, September 12, 2021. If you have further questions about the responsibilities of any of these positions, you may contact the Nominations Chair, your current area representative, or any TASP Board member for more information.