Session Evaluations

Session evaluation forms will be enabled and made available to complete at the close of each session.

Obtaining Proof of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policy: It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure session attendance is recorded by the session monitor within 15 minutes of the beginning of the session. Monitors will not be available after the first 15 minutes of a CPD session. Only participants that are recorded within 15 minutes of the start of the session AND submit the electronic evaluation for that session by 11:59 PM on October 27, 2018, will receive proof of CPD. No proof of CPD will be issued for participants who were recorded after 15 minutes of the start of the session OR submit their electronic evaluation AFTER October 27, 2018.

Proof of CPD will be emailed to the participant's email address that is associated with their TASP account by November 3, 2018.

WS1: Opening New Avenues of Knowledge and Engagement Through Action Research (AR): An Approach to Evidence Based Decision MakingAlfredo Ortiz

WS2: Neuropsychology of ED: A Framework for Effective InterventionsDr. Steven Feifer

WS3: Program Evaluation: Design, Implementation and Advocacy in SchoolsAndrea Guajardo & Leah Neubauer

FS01: Improving Student Outcomes with Evidence Based SELPositive Action

KEYNOTE: TASP Legislative and Regulatory UpdateMarty De Leon, Thomas Schanding, Cassandra Hulsey, Brook Roberts, and Stephanie Barbre

FS02: Resilience Isn't Just for Students: Harnessing the Power of Resilience in Your Personal and Professional LifeSam Goldstein

FS03: Top-rated Evidence-based SEL Curriculum TrainingPositive Action

FS04: A Strategic Approach to Creating Purposeful and Efficient Assessment Practices Using Core-Selective Evaluation Process (C-SEP)Dr. Tammy Stephens & Dr. Edward Schultz

FS05: Special Education Leadership for School Psychologists (Implications of Corrective Action)Marissa Ximenez

FS06: Ethics for School Psychologists 2018: Decision Making from Multiple PerspectivesDr. Laurie Klose

MS01: Using the ARC Model with Students with Histories of Trauma: A Skills Based DiscussionDiana Cook, Alana Egan, Amy N. Gorniak, & Julia Strait

MS02: Tourette and Tics - The LSSP Role for 504 and Special EducationSandra Buffolano

MS03: Introduction to the Ortiz Picture Vocabulary Acquisition Test (Ortiz PVAT)Amy Patenaude

MS04: Social Media AffectsDr. Lillie Haynes, Connie Rodriguez, & Julie Gomez

FS07: 10 Things Every LSSP in Texas Needs to Know About DyslexiaKara Zwolinski

FS08: The Science of Executive Functioning: New Data, New Ideas and the Comprehensive Executive Functioning InventorySam Goldstein

FS09: Top-rated Evidence-based SEL Curriculum Training, Part 2 Train-the-TrainersPositive Action

FS10: Data Collection and Pattern-Seeking Techniques Using Multiple Sources of Data: A Vital Component of C-SEPDr. Tammy Stephens & Dr. Edward Schultz

FS11: Pride and Privilege: Diversity Training Now More than EverDr. Peter Thomas

FS12: The Evolution of FAPE: From Rowley to Endrew FDavid F. Bateman

PA01: Conners CPT 3, Conners CATA, and Conners K-CPT 2: Introduction and ApplicationAmy Patenaude

MS05: Pediatric Illness and Integration/Reintegration into SchoolsJocelyn Gomez & Monica Martinez

MS06: How to Defend the FIE and Survive a Due Process HearingLinda Gellman & Pamela Moore Ellis

MS07: Using the Eligibility Process to Deepen Relationships with FamiliesMichelle Zweibach & Susan Houser

MS08: Ethical and Practical Considerations for Independent Practice in the Private Sector: Implications of Recent Rules ChangesDr. Alfred Amado & Dr. Victor Villarreal

FS13: Trainers SessionAddressing the LSSP Shortage - Ethical and Legal Considerations for Recruitment, Retainment... and Respecialization?Sarah Mire

FS14: Non-Suicidal Self Injury: From Cutting to CollaborationDr. Peter Thomas

FS15: The LSSP, the LP, and the Law: Making Legally Defensible Decisions in Every Day PracticeDr. Stephanie Barbre, Dr. Stuart Spendlove, & Janet Bubert

FS16: Increasing BIP Implementation Fidelity: From Filed to FollowedCurt Johnson

FS17: Bateria - RevisionsDr. Tammy Stephens

FS18: Assessing and Monitoring Cognitive and Emotional Functioning in Students with ConcussionDr.Peter Isquith

FS19: Graduate Student SessionKristin Streich

FS20: Lions, and Tigers and the TEA Strategic Plan, Oh My: What LSSPs Need to KnowGail Cheramie, Amy Ten Napel, & Kara Zwolinski