Pay It Forward: Opportunities for Research Participation

Below you can find opportunities to participate in research relevant to school psychology.

Current Opportunities

Study 2 Posted April 25, 2023

Study Title: Collaboration and Consultation in School Psychologist’ Ethical Problem Solving
Study Purpose: There are several systematic ethical problem-solving models published and available for use by school psychologists; however, there is limited information on the extent these models are being used in practice and the barriers to their use that school psychologists experience. This study aims to provide answers to both of the above questions. Additionally, there are some data that show school psychologists are more likely to use consultation and collaboration with other professionals over a problem-solving model (Boccio, 2020), although these findings are based on a small sample in only one state in the US. The current study aims to further explore school psychologists’ use of consultation and collaboration with school psychologist colleagues and other professionals when encountering ethical dilemmas. Ultimately, results from the current study will provide a picture of how often school psychologists encounter ethical dilemmas, what methods they are using in ethical problem solving, and what barriers they face in ethical problem-solving. We intend to publish the results of this study, which has broader implications for training, professional development, and standards of practice for school psychologists.
Opportunity for Participation: This survey aims to collect information about school psychologists’ experiences with ethical dilemmas. Specifically, you will be asked about your use of problem-solving models and consultation/collaboration when encountering ethical dilemmas in your school psychology practice. The survey should take about 5 to 15 minutes of your time.


Study 1 Posted April 14, 2023

Study Title: Development of the CRT-IC Professional Learning Series for Rural School Psychologists: A Mixed Methods Exploratory Sequential Approach
Study Purpose: There is a dire need for rural school psychologists to gain increased competency and self-efficacy in consultation and trauma-informed practices (TIPs). A lack of literature and professional learning opportunities that center the unique needs and perspectives of rural communities makes it challenging for these practitioners to put these skills into practice. This research bridges the gap by developing a community responsive professional learning series that targets early career rural school psychologists who wish to do this work.
Opportunity for Participation: This dissertation seeks to elevate the voices of rural school psychologists who consult with teachers on trauma-informed practices. You may either be eligible to participate in a 60-90 minute interview about your experiences or be invited to participate in a virtual professional learning series about trauma-informed consultation for early career practitioners. Compensation will be provided.
Link: Survey

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