Advocacy in Action Award

The Advocacy in Action Award is designed to recognize a person or organization who has worked to promote inclusion and make systemic changes in policies that govern the provision of educational and mental health services at the state, district and/or school level. The nominee should have knowledge of, and inherent respect for, individual differences, abilities, disabilities, and other diverse characteristics and the effects they have on development and learning. Nominees also recognize that equitable practices for diverse student populations, respect for diversity in development and learning, and advocacy for social justice are foundational to effective service delivery. 

Award Considerations:  

  • The nominee advocates for state, local, or district policies that promote safe and inclusive school environments.

  • The nominee promotes diversity and inclusion through fostering a positive school climate and considers individual differences, strengths, backgrounds, talents, and needs in the design, implementation, and evaluation of services.

  • The nominee works collaboratively with families and community liaisons to understand and address the needs of diverse learners.

  • The nominee has provided opportunities in schools for increased engagement, sense of belonging, and togetherness for people of all cultural backgrounds.

  • The nominee has created opportunities to raise awareness of bias and collaborates with education professionals to promote respect for diversity for an inclusive and supportive school setting.

Click here to submit a nomination, or send the following information to [email protected]:

  • Nominator's Name and Email Address
  • Nominee's Name and Email Address
  • Nominee is a TASP Member (yes/no)
  • A letter of recommendation expanding upon the nominee’s demonstration and activities pertinent to the award considerations.

The Awards Committee Chair will contact the nominee to notify them of their nomination and request their resume/CV.

This award will be presented at the awards ceremony at the Annual TASP Professional Development Convention.