Session Evaluations

Only attendees who were scanned into the session prior to or within the first 15 minutes of the session may complete an evaluation form for the respective session.  

Obtaining Proof of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policy: It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure session attendance is recorded by the session monitor within 15 minutes of the beginning of the session. Monitors will not be available after the first 15 minutes of a CPD session. Only participants that are recorded within 15 minutes of the start of the session AND submit the electronic evaluation for that session by 11:59 PM on Friday, November 11, 2022, will receive proof of CPD. No proof of CPD will be issued for participants who were recorded after 15 minutes of the start of the session OR submit their electronic evaluation AFTER November 11, 2022.

PS1: Best Practices in Assessment and Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorder: Ethical and Cultural Considerations, Kristen Padilla and Baylor Faculty

KN: Keynote, Celeste Malone, NASP President; and Kelsey Theis, TASP President

FS01: Multicultural Organizational Development, Dr. Celeste Malone

FS02: A Strengths Based Approach to Historically Marginalized Youth, Dr. Byron McClure

FS03: A School Psychologist's Guide to Ethical Use of School-Based Motivational InterviewingDr. Gil Strait

FS04: Autism: Gender ConsiderationsDr. Amanda Gray

FS05: Nondiscriminatory Assessment of English Language Learners Through the Lens of Neuropsychology, Dr. Monica Oganes

FS06: Culturally Responsive Adaptations in TherapyDr. Victor Villarreal

FS07: Putting the Pieces Together: Ethics, Law, Best Practices and Procedures in School Psychology, Dr. Laurie Klose

FS08: Cyberbullying Interventions, Dr. Dan Florell

GS: Graduate Student Session

MS1: Good Grief for Helping Professionals, Bo's Place

MS2: Stereotypes in AssessmentDr. Richelle Whittaker

MS3: Conners 4, Denise Cable

MS4: Telepractice Considerations in School Psychology, Dr. Anise Flowers & Dr. Bonnie Contreras

FS09: Ethics of Technology Use, Dr. Dan Florell

FS10: Supervising Practicum Students and Interns with Disabilities, Dr. Jessica O'Bleness

FS11: Best Practices in Evaluating CLD Students as Monolingual Evaluation Specialists, Dr. Lucy Ramirez-Mock

FS12: LIBRE Model as a Clinical Problem-Solving Guide, Dr. Norma Guerra

FS13: Applications of Technology in Behavior Interventions, Dr. Marie Kirkpatrick

FS14: Trainer's Session