School Psychologist Appreciation Week 2020

Each day of this week has a specific theme and we encourage our membership to participate in the daily activities.

Monday- Awareness. We encourage you to reflect on your own practice and the NASP Practice Model, and share what your favorite part is about the job. What is the best thing about being a school psychologist? You can share your input using this form or on our Facebook page. We would like to share your responses on our website and social media outlets.

Tuesday- Appreciation. We want to focus on the work you do every day. We want to give our members personal shout outs about the great contributions you are making in your schools, districts, and communities. Use this form to brag on your LSSP friends and colleagues so we can publicly applaud them for their contributions. Feel free to also give your LSSP colleagues a public acknowledgement on our social media outlets.

Wednesday- Advocacy. With the legislative session approaching next year, we want our state representatives to know who school psychologists are and what we do. We will offer a letter template and talking tips to share with your state representatives and senators.

Thursday- Allyship. We want to raise the importance of our work advancing social justice and equity for students, especially those who experience systemic injustice and marginalization. Learn more about TASPs Social Justice Committee and how to become more involved in this critical work.

Friday- Affirmation. Although we take pride in our profession and work as school psychologists, this job is not easy. We must take care of ourselves and take time to decompress. On Friday, we want to hear how you practice self-care and why self-care is important to you.

Resources and messaging can be adapted to students and adults, different age groups and multiple contexts. The poster image reflects ideas, character traits, and actions that students might be empowered to take. The program involves a series of resources and suggested activities to help the school staff, students and parents use the theme to convey the variety of factors that contribute to thriving students and school communities. From sample newsletters, to interactive classroom activities, to press releases, there are multiple ways to bring the "The Power of Possibility.” Be sure to share your event with us through the feedback survey and tweet with the #SPAW2020 hashtag. 

Resources and Activities

Sample Letter to Districts

Sample Press Release

Ideas for SPAW2020 Activities 

SPAW2020 Poster

Power of One Award